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Our Board: About Us

Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum 

The Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum is a not-for-profit body advocating for the ACT tourism and associated industry sectors in the National Capital and surrounding Canberra Region. The 24 members meet monthly. 

What we do
  • Represent and advocate for the ACT tourism and associated industry sectors in the National Capital and across the wider Canberra Region

  • Develop strong partnerships with all those organisations working within the tourism and related sectors in the ACT and surrounding region.

  • Act as a think tank and policy generator

  • Bring together the influencers and drivers of our tourism and related sector industry bodies with the aim of growing the ACT and region visitor economy.

  • Raise the profile of the tourism industry and associated sectors across the ACT and Region

  • Liaise on an ongoing basis with ACT, NSW and Federal politicians relevant to the tourism sector and responsible for growing the visitor economy.

How do we do this
  • Respond to ACT and Federal policy and strategy papers requiring input from the industry.

  • Represent the industry at forums and meetings convened by all levels of government and the private sector when required.

  • Meet and brief ACT Members of the Legislative Assembly and NSW and Federal politicians on issues relating to the sectors we represent.

  • Continue to convene the Canberra Region Tourism Advisory Forums

  • Meet with ACT industry leaders and operators on an ongoing basis.

  • Establish effective communication with Destination Southern NSW and key members and operators of the industry in the region.

  • Be available to respond to media enquiries and continue to raise the public profile of our industry at every opportunity.

How we measure our achievements
  • The ACT Government calls on the Leaders Forum to represent our industry sectors on a number of business forums

  • We are invited to private sector forums and meetings to represent the industries we serve

  • We have developed strong relationships with the leaders and operators of all sectors we represent

  • We are frequently called upon by the media to commentate on tourism industry matters

  • The Tourism Advisory Forum continues to grow in membership and attendance and each month attracts outstanding speakers.

Our Members

The Leaders Forum represents a range of sectors including tourism, hospitality, business, attractions, aviation, sports, education, arts and culture.


Dr David Marshall AM

Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum


Naomi Dale

President, National Capital Attractions Association


Noel Langdon

Director Cultural Attractions of Australia


Michael Matthews

CEO Canberra Convention Bureau


Dot Barclay

President SKAL ACT and Proprietor Forest Inn Hotel & Apartments


Olivia Thornton

CEO Cricket ACT representing the Coalition of Major Sports (COMPS) ACT


Richard Everson

Destination Southern New South Wales


Michael Milton

Australian Paralympic skier/cyclist & tourism business owner

Deputy Chair

Katie Russell

Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum, CEO Australian Museum and Galleries Association


Chris Garfield

General Manager Australian Hotels Association (ACT)


Dr Brian Weir

Assistant Professor Tourism Program, Canberra Business School, University of Canberra


Michael Thomson

Head of Aviation, Canberra Airport


Rob Stefanic

Secretary of the Department of Parliamentary Services, Parliament House


Emma Shaw

Piquenique Wine representing Canberra District Wine Industry


Dash Rumble

Owner, Pilot and Such & Such - representing restaurant sector


Vanessa Brettell

Proprietor, Café Stepping Stone - representing social enterprises


Karen Doran

CEO National Capital Authority


Jonathan Kobus

Director Visit Canberra


Gordon Ramsay

CEO Cultural Facilities Corporation


Stephen Wood

CEO National Convention Centre Canberra


Gary Stewart

General Manager The Canberra Centre


Greg Harford

CEO Canberra Business Chamber

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